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The Story So Far…

Back in 2015, as we scoured for quality hay, our hearts sank at the lacklustre options available. Most of the hay we stumbled upon was... well, let's just say, not exactly hay-tastic.

But we weren't ready to settle for mediocrity… ’there has to be a better way!’ Curiosity piqued; we began to dig deep into the reasons behind this hay debacle. What we uncovered was a tad disheartening: much of the hay being produced was ending up in the hands of industrial re-packers who cared more about profit margins than the hay's origin. The animals' needs were being brushed aside.

Amidst all this, campaigners were championing the importance of an 85% hay-based diet, emphasizing the significance of fresh, high-quality forage. Yet, finding such hay was like searching for a needle in a haystack. Pun intended!

So, we took the bull by the horns and decided to cultivate our very own crop on the family farm. Anticipation buzzed in the air as we eagerly awaited the outcome. We knew that unpredictable weather could either make our efforts flourish or fizzle out. With that in mind, we rolled up our sleeves and invested in a one-of-a-kind drying facility. This move gave us the power to oversee the process and ensure that the hay emerged at the peak of freshness.

After a few nail-biting months, our harvest was ready, looking as fresh as a daisy. Our drying facility worked its magic, allowing us to create what we firmly believe is the freshest, most delicious, and nutrient-packed hay you can get your paws on.

Come 2017, we boldly launched our venture with a simple yet ambitious goal: to provide the finest quality hays and animal feeds to our herbivorous friends, no fuss. Our aim was to give hay a modern makeover and ensure even the tiniest critters got the royal treatment. It was a roaring success! The glowing feedback we received made every ounce of hard work utterly worthwhile.

As the years ticked by, our product line-up grew organically to include bedding, forage, and enrichment—all carefully crafted from 100% natural and safe ingredients. No room for artificial colours, preservatives, or flavourings in our house!

Zoom ahead to the present day and we’ve grown from a single farm venture to now a partnership of farms. Most importantly, we've become the trusted go-to for thousands of animal enthusiasts. Our story keeps evolving, and we're on a never-ending quest to be the absolute best at what we do. We hope you’ll be with us for the rest of the ride!

With heaps of love, The Hay Box Team - ‘Naturally Better’ 🌾🐾🌱