New Packing Options

Introducing our NEW Hand Packed option.

In November 2023 we introduced a new compressed form of packaging. In a recent survey, we asked for your feedback on this and exactly 50% preferred the compressed bags and the other 50% prefer 'loose boxed' hay.

With this in mind, we've come up with the solution of allowing you to choose between compressed bags or our new hand packed option.

So what are the differences?

 Hand Packed Compressed Bale
No Machine Processing (as natural as it gets) X
Plastic Free X
Checked & Inspected by hand X
Longest Stem Lengths X
Storage Loose in box Handy bags
Freshness Guarantee 1 Month (unopened) 6 Months (unopened)


There are pros and cons to both packing options and it will depend on your own preferences as to what works best for you. For a completely natural and unprocessed option, we recommend the hand packed method. This method is best for keeping stem lengths as long as possible.

The compressed bag option is a more processed product which has gone through multiple stages before being compressed into handy sized bags. This allows the hay to stay fresher for the longest amount of time but the downside to this process is that the stem lengths are shorter compared to our hand packed option. 

The slightly higher price point of the hand packed option reflects the amount of time it takes us to pack an order by hand and the extra resources required to offer this.

We hope that by offering both options, you can find something best suited to your own requirements and needs.

All of the hand packed options are currently on an introductory offer price until the end of May 2024. 

The Hand Packed option is currently available in the following hay types, more coming soon -